Information design

Fact. Well-informed people make better decisions. That’s why we create informative visuals that provide meaningful insights. Never beauty for beauty’s sake, you always need research, thinking and carefully considered strategy.

Brand strategy

Is it true, different and relevant? By answering these questions, we’ll help you find the brand essence. Actionable rather than theoretical. A formula that works in the real world.

IJsselmeer Delta Program 


Decision makers often don’t have time for lengthy reports. Or –let’s be honest– they find it tiresome. Just like you and me. To get key information across, we developed a website with clear visualisations.

These maps, illustrations and data visualisations provide decision makers in the IJsselmeer region with relevant insights to make better policy on water related topics.

For this project, we used expert sessions to develop to key messages that all stakeholders supported. Additional benefit: minimal feedback rounds. Saving everyone tons of time and lots of frustration.


  • Information- and design strategy: Karin Schwandt
  • Consultancy and copy writing: Renske Postma
  • Illustrations: Leon de Korte
  • Development: Burg, Burg