Information design

Fact. Well-informed people make better decisions. That’s why we create informative visuals that provide meaningful insights. Never beauty for beauty’s sake, you always need research, thinking and carefully considered strategy.

Brand strategy

Is it true, different and relevant? By answering these questions, we’ll help you find the brand essence. Actionable rather than theoretical. A formula that works in the real world.

Future Water Challenges


PBL wanted to communicate water-related challenges and how these link to Sustainable Development Goals, quality of life, migration, and conflict risks. With a small team of experts we developed this book with over 300 maps and infographics.

The visualizations make an urgent call for an integrated approach to limit climate- and water-related risks accessible for a wide audience.

Maps and infographics help both public, policymakers and researchers with the integral picture needed to comprehend the connections between climate change, urbanization and global water challenges.

Recently, we developed Part II: Bending the trend. To be continued in the next case study…


  • Client team PBL: Willem Ligtvoet, Arno Bouwman, Jan de Ruiter, Kersten Nabielek
  • Creative direction: Karin Schwandt
  • Consultancy and copy: Wilfried ten Brinke
  • Infographics and illustrations: Jeroen van Ingen
  • Graphic design: Suzanne Bakkum