Information design

Fact. Well-informed people make better decisions. That’s why we create informative visuals that provide meaningful insights. Never beauty for beauty’s sake, you always need research, thinking and carefully considered strategy.

Brand strategy

Is it true, different and relevant? By answering these questions, we’ll help you find the brand essence. Actionable rather than theoretical. A formula that works in the real world.



KRO-NCRV is one of the best-known broadcasters in the Netherlands. KRO-NCRV set itself an ambitious goal. It wants to transform from an ordinary broadcaster to a media organization with social impact. A transformation that must ensure that its offer encourages action.


Ambition – An important and urgent reason for KRO-NCRV to also examine its visual brand identity. Almost every KRO-NCRV program had its own logo and house style, applied in program leaders, decors and means of communication. Therein in particular lay an important challenge. How do you ensure that your sharp profiling and your programs are recognized by viewers, listeners and online users?


Challenges – The most challenging design assignment was applying the brand identity to the 270 (!) programs. The solution was found in the program titles. It is the typography, and especially the circle, that connects. All programs use exactly the same format for the appearance of their program title, but each with its own color combination for the circle. Each specific circle is a reference to a program, is a reference to KRO-NCRV.

Results – Just a few months after implementation, research shows that the new course is having an effect already: people better link programs to KRO-NCRV and recognize and appreciate the new path that KRO-NCRV has taken.



  • Client: Suzan Bloemscheer
  • Positioning: De Positioneerders
  • Design: Thonik
  • Design strategy and management: Roel Stavorinus
  • Project management: Jelleke Raats
  • Web design: Thonik and Verve
  • Templates and implementation: Holland Centraal